Group Members

Elizabeth Ross:
Violence Against Female Health Professionals in South Asia

My name is Elizabeth and I will be exploring violence against women in the workplace by looking at female health professionals, nurses and doctors in South Asia. I will also be responsible creating and maintaining the group website. I am an Exchange Student from Melbourne, Australian, working towards a degree in Professional and Creative Writing.

Anna Trinidad:
Violence Against the Women in Sex Work (Prostitution)

Hello, I’m Anna Trinidad and I am a feminist. At Hunter, I study psychology and women and gender studies while expressing my creativity with makeup. I identify as a woman and I am a person of color and therefore, I am subjected to a lot of discrimination and even harassment by the patriarchal society that I live in. Therefore, I am quite interested in discussing the violence that women face in hopes of finding out how many other women are progressive in finding ways to fight back, gain recognition, and gain social equality around the world.

Stephanie Vargas
Violence Against Women in Mexico

Hello my name is Stephanie Vargas and I am a Junior at Hunter College. I am currently majoring in Women Gender Studies. I would consider myself as a feminist. I am interested in the topic of Women and Domestic Violence.

Jasleen Samra
The Violence of Honor Killings

My name is Jasleen and I am currently a sophomore here at Hunter College. I am currently undecided, but I plan on majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Women Gender Studies. I am very interested in transnational feminism because although WGS 100 touched a good variety of topics, I am more interested to learn more details about other issues from around the whole.

Danielle Carrasquillo
Violence Against Women with Disabilities

My name is Danielle and I am currently a senior here at Hunter College. I have an associates degree in Biology, and from my former school, I came here to get another degree towards my future. My major here is Women And Gender Studies and I plan to use the knowledge I gain through this major in a different way than many may think. I want to use my knowledge of women and gender studies when applying to dental school. I hope to eventually become a prison dentist. I think my major will help me towards my goal because I will be able to apply to dental school with a different perspective and a deeper understanding of oppression. With this, I will be able to relate and empathize with all of the different types of patients I would encounter in my days of being a dentist