Types of Violence Against Women

Elizabeth Ross:
Violence Against Female Health Professionals in South Asia

Elizabeth’s paper will be focusing on the violence female Nurses and Doctors experience in the workplace, Pakistan and India. Using various reviews and articles, she will explore the different types of violence faced in these environments, the perpetrators of violence and the ramification and consequences of violence to the women’s lives, interpersonal relationships and their work productivity. She will also detail the steps that are being thought out and taken to prevent and counteract the violence and the effects of it.

Anna Trinidad:
Violence Against the Women in Sex Work (Prostitution)

Paper Description:
In my paper, I want to address the violence that women face in the sex work industry, more specifically, prostitution. Since prostitution is a transnational issue, I will compare some aspects of the current prostitution industry of the United States, where prostitution is illegal and Australia, where prostitution is legal but only regulated in some parts of the continent. I will compare how these two nations regulate sex work laws and to what extent do these laws protect these women. And if these laws protect all prostitutes, street prostitutes or escort/private prostitutes. And if decriminalizing prostitution helps the cause.  Lastly, an interesting find during this research would to learn if culture affects how these laws are practiced.

Stephanie Vargas
Violence Against Women in Mexico

I will be writing my paper about culture norms that lead to certain labels on men. I will especially be focusing on the relationships between man and wife and the affects “machismo” has in the relationship. I will focus more on Mexico while gathering my information for my paper. I will consider Mexican feminist organizations, Laws in Mexico against violence and domestic violence in Mexico’s society.

Jasleen Samra
The Violence of Honor Killings

The paper I will be writing will be discussing honor killings, which are prevalent in the Middle East and South Asia, as well as a few other problems about violence in this area. Honor killings are common in these areas because of the cultural belief that reputation is so important, and therefore are committed as heinous attacks to protect a family’s image. I plan on researching more on what the culture in this area teaches that makes people think that honor killings are necessary, as well as a discussion on some popular cases of honor killings. In addition, I will be discussing country policies and laws regarding these murders, and how the public views these acts as well. Furthermore, one cannot discuss the problems in South Asia and the Middle East without touching on the horrific problem of rape, which is widespread throughout the region, and, unfortunately, is not improving. Finally, I plan on examining the ways that the different countries in the region are dealing with this issue and the successes/failures that are coming from these attempts to figure out what the most effective way to mend these issues and bring some justice to the victims of this violence against women.

Danielle Carrasquillo
Violence Against Women with Disabilities

For my part of the paper, I want to focus on the many types of violence that women with disabilities encounter. I personally find it interesting that a specific disability or just the presence of a disability; can cause a different outlook on those women completely. I think putting labels on women cause a huge impact on their day-to-day life and I would like to explore through articles that include first hand experience with my topic. My paper will include statistics of women staying silent about the violence they are enduring. I want to focus on those women who do live in silence and really understand the reasons why and what systems that can be used to make disabled women speak up about the violence they encounter. In my paper, I will also include journals about disabled women who encounter sexual assault. I plan to cover a wide variety of topics within my topics and hopefully include many different combinations of the types of violence against women with disabilities.